How will your next Event be without Queues?

We know what we are doing

Lack of coffee will get your event on Twitter faster than you want. But there are also other similar problems and most of them can't be solved with a pack of coffee. Do not repeat other people's mistakes.  Have a fast check-in experts at your next event

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  • Ecommerce Expo Prague
  • Money Expo Prague
  • reSite
  • Sak
  • Startup World Cup
  • Startup World Cup & Summit
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  • Google Developers Launchpad
  • Grow with google is proud ALPHA Startup on Web Summit 2018!
WebSummit Alpha Startup

reSITE 2018

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lenght of check-in
8 s
of tickets

„It was nice to work together with They ensured ticket sales, payment, invoicing, bookkeeping, and support for our guests. At the event, the registration was very fast, comfortable and  completely without queues. We made our work easy by using tags  and moreover, everything looked how we require in reSITE -> the best for our visitors.“

Markéta Nováková
Business Manager reSITE

Ecommerce Expo 2018

lenght of check-in
8 s
of discounts

„I did not have to deal with the registration of guests at all, everything was great. Guest were coming to the conference in high glee, without any waiting in queue and without lengthy search for their names in a large stack of tags. Entrydo has relieved me of a lot of concerns about organizing the event, so I can only recommend their services.

Eva Knirschová
CEO, Reshoper (formerly Ecommerce Expo)

SingularityU 2018

lenght of check-in
8 s

„The previous experience from SingularityU in Milan was quite complicated, we couldn't avert queues – people were waiting for the registration and for the tags up to 3 hours! To ensure trouble-free and express registration with the tag preparation, we chose Entrydo and it was a very good choice. Despite  all the anticipated complications, the Entrydo team has shown superior professionalism, reliability and IT skills.“

Monika Cakl Kunášková
Managing Director of New Wave

Our team = Your team

We know, you don't need another utility, which you will have to learn how to use it. And that's why we mainly offer our work, not just our software. Our team will take over an important part in the organization of the entire event instead of you and provide you with the care you need.


Liaison Officer Honza

Ensures that you will not have any problems with our services and he will be available to you before, during and after the event.


Businesss David

Introduces Entrydo and helps to set up processes, which will we take over from you.


IT Honza

Customizes our system to your needs and makes sure every process works properly.


Graphics Martin

Makes sure that the design of the ticket/tag sales pagematches with your own brand.

We can get you hostesses, who help with the registration. We are also able to train your hostesses just before the event – everyone will learn how to use the Entrydo system in a couple of minutes

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