Endless Queue at the Entrance?

Enhanced Entry Experience, Reducing Security Risks for Soft Targets and Reducing of Lost Profits

source www.o2arena.cz

Premium Check-in and Digital Lines in 60 seconds

How Does It Work?

  • Guest enters the code of the ticket to easy.entry.do
  • Chooses prefered and available time to enter the event.
  • Waits in the digital line wherever wants and at the right time is called to the gate
  • All instructions and ticket are in the phone and guest enters without waiting in line.

  • Get the most comfortable check-in for your guests.
  • Reduce lost revenues from guests not spending at your as they were waiting for entry.
  • You will increase your earnings offering better entry experience.
  • You will reduce the security risks for the unprotected crowd in front of the gates.