We are experts (but not only) for the fast check-in

Are you planning a conference or any other event where it is important to keep a schedule and not to upset guests right at the entrance? Take a step-by-step look at what we can we help you with.

What can your event look like with Entry.do

Every event is different, and that's also why do we always set our services exclusively for every client. Do not hesitate to contact us, even if you think that you are looking for something a bit different. What can a classical conference look like with Entrydo?

Before the event

  1. We will sell tickets online

    We will create a sales page with your design. We will set the prize of tickets and prepare the signing up for the workshops, etc. We will start to sell, once the necessary administration (GDPR again) and the linking between our and your system is done.

  2. We are available for those interested in tickets

    Online support, prepayment invoices and any other specific requests of your guests are solved by us. We are also available to you (we will teach you how to use our system) and to your accountants.

  3. We will prepare a perfect guest list

    We automatically generate a guest list out of sold tickets, we can also generate it out of the Excel table. In addition, our guest list clearly differentiates roles of persons at the event, special guests, speakers and press. We will also ensure accreditation for the press, you can approve it and send tickets  by one click.

  4. We will automate everything what we can

    If you already use some event application, our IT experts will connect it with Entrydo. We will also send an email reminder with the ticket to your guests 24 hours before the event, so they will not have to look for tickets in a bunch of emails. We will use your content and email design to make everything look professional and unified.

During the event

  • We will arrange everything and train your hostesses

    We arrive 3 hours before the event and arrange everything for a smooth course of registration. We don't need an internet connection, all we need is the electricity. We will test everything and train your hostesses.
  • We pay very close attention to the smooth course of registration

    We will not leave you alone. On the spot, we pay very close attention to the flow of guests. We also solve unexpected situations that occur at most of the events. The registration is that fast, that the people are amazed :)
  • We print tags

    The only thing attender has to do is to show us the QR code or to tell us his name. We will print a tag for him within a few seconds. There is no search of names in many tags and especially no long queues.
  • We sell the additional tickets on the spot. (online, credit card, cash)

  • We constantly update the guest list

    We can deal with the last minute notations, and also with a completely new Guest list in Excel or from another ticket vendor. Changes 30 minutes before the gate-opening? No problem.
  • We check-in guests and press

  • We also hand the cloakroom ticket  over

    We do it manually or digitally – we just add it on the tag.
  • Statistics of checked-in guests are available in real time

  • After the peak times we stay available

    The biggest wave is checked-in, your trained staff remains on the spot. We are leaving, but we are available for the rest of the day on the phone and online via a remote desktop.

After the event

  1. After the event, we uninstall our system and gadgets

  2. We will make it easy for you to evaluate the event

    We will create a check-in report and visitor statistics. We will ensure the balancing and guest summaries. All data is instantly available in the Entrydo system, events and data remains there for any further use.

  3. We will help you with further communication

    In Entrydo you can see email addresses of all of your guests, who arrived at the event, in a well-arranged way. You can simply use it for the follow-up or the next year invitation.

We will make work
 easier for you and your guests

The organizer

  • Makes the work easier and gains guaranteed registration without queues
  • Will not have to deal with ticketing, registration, and queues at all
  • Doesn't have to print tags. He prepares only the graphic layout of tags
  • Saves money on the construction of registration points and hostesses
  • Increases image and prestige of the event

The attender

  • Doesn't wait in the queue at the entrance, in the queue for the tag or for the cloakroom
  • Will manage to have a cup of coffee before the conference starts
  • Can't have a bad data on the tag
  • Can buy the ticket right on the spot and still gets a full printed tag
  • Perceives a professional organization and will come next year again

Our team = Your team

We know, you don't need another utility, which you will have to learn how to use it. And that's why we mainly offer our work, not just our software. Our team will take over an important part in the organization of the entire event instead of you and provide you with the care you need.


Liaison Officer Honza

Ensures that you will not have any problems with our services and he will be available to you before, during and after the event.


Businesss David

Introduces Entrydo and helps to set up processes, which will we take over from you.


IT Honza

Customizes our system to your needs and makes sure every process works properly.


Graphics Martin

Makes sure that the design of the ticket/tag sales pagematches with your own brand.

We can get you hostesses, who help with the registration. We are also able to train your hostesses just before the event – everyone will learn how to use the Entrydo system in a couple of minutes

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Endless integration

Because we know you're already using a variety of tools and applications, we've made Entrydo really endless of integration opportunities. If you do not see your app among the listed ones, let us know - it would not be the first time that we are tailoring integration.

Ticket sellers

Ticketmaster Ticketportal Eventbrite Ticketstream GoOut Entry.do

Payment gateways

Gopay GP Webpay Paypal Braintree


FIO KB Česká spořitelna ČSOB


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Pohoda Abra Money S3 Ježek SW Ekonom


SmartSupp Facebook Crisp


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